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Why Marriage Checkup?

Regular checkups help us to stay healthy and strong, for ourselves, for each other, and for our children.
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Vibrant relationships are like any other health system: they require regular attention and care.  The Marriage Checkup is an innovative, brief, evidence-based intervention to bring partners closer together and keep relationships strong and healthy for life.

The Marriage Checkup is available for all couples, including married and non married couples, as well as same-sex and heterosexual couples.

“I liked that it pointed us to communicate with each other about things we might be thinking but did not necessarily know how to say out loud. It was good to be together in the same time and place and hear each other say those things.  It renewed our appreciation for each other.  It was like lighting a fire to remind us to make time to do fun things together.”

“She gave us some feedback based on how we communicate and we weren’t getting that sort of thing in marriage counseling.  We went to counseling a few times but we weren’t getting any specific feedback.  She did more for us in just one visit than our marriage counselor did in 4 visits.”

“After reviewing all the information it gave us ways to help us through our problems with arguing and increase our ability to listen to each other.  I really liked the resources she provided us.  I also appreciated thinking about what we’re doing well and what’s good with us.  Plus it was nice to reminisce about the beginning of our relationship.”

“It gave us a chance to open up and explain our feelings with a mediator in between.  Now I’m just more conscious of the way I treat him and react to him.”

“She helped me understand my emotions versus just directing all our problems at him.  You know, she really helped me understand how I felt and how I can contribute my feelings to help our relationship instead of pointing my finger.” (Participated without her husband)

“It allowed more transparency and encouraged us to explore our strengths and weaknesses regarding our relationship.”