Life is busy, and it’s only getting busier. In the midst of flooding demands from work, kids, and other life stressors, we often overlook the most important thing: our intimate relationship.  Studies have shown the number one predictor of overall life satisfaction is satisfaction with one’s relationship.  Couples and the scientists who study them have found that healthy relationships improve our health in all other areas, from mental and physical health to the health of our children and even our effectiveness and creativity at work.  Therefore, the health of our relationship is essential to our general well-being.

Every relationship has strengths and weaknesses.  Every relationship goes through rocky periods.  The key to rewarding partnerships that endure over the long haul is understanding how to respond during challenging times, learning how to give loving attention and care to areas in the relationship that need nurturance, and taking the time to purposefully celebrate and build on the areas in which you already do well.

We regularly take care of our physical health.  It’s time we begin protecting, strengthening, and caring for our marital health in the same way.  The Marriage Checkup is your first step.

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Regular checkups help us to stay healthy and strong, for ourselves, for each other, and for our children.
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