Welcome to the Marriage Checkup! Working with couples can be challenging.  The rules of individual therapy often don’t apply, different therapeutic techniques abound, and clinicians tend to struggle with common pitfalls.

The Marriage Checkup is a brief evidence-based intervention that enables you to readily identify each couple’s strengths and weaknesses and assists you in guiding them towards deeper intimacy and practical solutions.

Based on Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, the Marriage Checkup enables you to gather key information about each partner’s relationship strengths and concerns ahead of time so that you can maximize your time in the Assessment Session.  As you prepare for the Feedback Session, a database of evidence-based and clinically relevant strategies for addressing relationship concerns automatically generates a detailed feedback report for the couple in just a few minutes. 

After the Feedback Session, it’s up to the couple what they choose to do next and how to use the Marriage Checkup suggestions to benefit their marital health.  For many couples, their experience with the Marriage Checkup is sufficient to strengthen their relationship health.  For others, the experience of the Checkup is so positive that they are substantially more willing to consider further couples therapy.  Finally, for all couples, we encourage them to get a Marriage Checkup once a year to maintain optimal relationship health.  The Marriage Checkup provides you with research-tested tools to offer an indispensable clinical service as you work to assist couples in caring for their marital health.

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Why Marriage Checkup?

Regular checkups help us to stay healthy and strong, for ourselves, for each other, and for our children.
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